Welcome to the most integrated Inter-Dependent Partnership between a UMC Conference and a Developing World Church!

What makes the partnership between the Iglesia Evangelica Metodista en Bolivia (IEMB) and the Oklahoma Annual Conference (OAC) of the United Methodist Church Different?

  • It was initiated by the IEMB
  • It has had a signed agreement between the two Churches for over 24 years stating the commitments and obligations of both parties.
  • There is a strong element in the partnership of how the IEMB can minister TO the OAC and help the OAC with issues it is facing.
  • The OAC doesn’t raise money and support for one project in Bolivia, but for nearly a dozen.
  • The OAC doesn’t just send money, they send multiple teams each year. In 2014 the OAC sent 6 teams. In 2015 the OAC will send more.
  • The OAC doesn’t just send construction, VBS or Medical Teams. In 2013-2014 they also sent: Worship/Liturgy Training Team, A Women’s Encounter Team and Advisors/Consultants for the IEMB’s Children’s Christian Education Curriculum Writing Workshop.
  • There is a pastor  jointly appointed by the Bishops of Bolivia and Oklahoma who works part-time on the partnership: Rev. Lora Stiles

Please come in to our website. Spend a little time rummaging around looking at various things which may interest you and your Church. Some of the information is dated, but we are working to update it as quickly as possible.

And if you have any questions: Contact Rev. Lora Stiles, Mission Coordinator of the Bolivia/Oklahoma Methodist Partnership; lora.stiles@gmail.com.

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